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Bobwhite by Carol Linkkila

We have used one of Carol's limited edition fine art prints for this puzzle. The brush around the bobwhite birds was intended as camouflage and we wanted the puzzle to both keep and enhance that theme. We color-line-cut the foliage and used a continuous curl cutting style. The birds are color-line-cut with some interlocking. These features make the puzzle quite difficult to put together.

Title: Bobwhite by Carol Linkkila
Size: 16.5" x 11.5" with about 220 average-size pieces
Edge Style: Color-Line-Cut with irregular bottom edge

a custom cut puzzle

You can see more of the detail of the puzzle in this close up shot. Note that the puzzle is also cut around the top of each bird's head so that one cannot easily spot adjacent pieces.

We have kept Carol's signature and print number as one large piece to be easily identifiable.

We put in a few figures too. We have hidden an entire family of Bobwhites somewhere in the picture. So far, no one has been able to spot them unless they turn the puzzle over and look at the patterns in the wood.

The puzzle is made from 5 ply void-free (no interior defects) cherry plywood with poplar core. The back is finished the old-fashioned way with multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil and shellac. The back of the puzzle is as nice to look at as the front.

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