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Complexities of the Heart by Larry Singer

This heart is true to its name. There are complexities within complexities in the eddies of color. The more you look at the image, the more you see and as your doing the puzzle the more you perceive. Whether it's the rectangular shape below or one of our heart renditions, you'll be mesmerized trying to put this one together.

We can add your own personal message, figurals, slivers, and more, all at no extra cost. See our Customizing your puzzle page for information and options.

Title: Complexities of the Heart
By: Larry Singer

The puzzle is available in sizes ranging from 7x5 (5x5 for either the square or heart shape) up to 20x14 (14x14 for the square or heart shape) with as few as 25 pieces to as many as 500. Because you can customize this puzzle to just about any size or shape, we ask that you email us rather than use our standard order form.

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