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Satin Heart by Larry Singer

This heart is simple, but not a simple puzzle. Remember, there is only red. You can order it with the simple border shown, or be really devilish, and order it with a continuous heart cutting style and a continuous heart border!

Title: Satin Heart
By: Larry Singer

Add a personalized message to your heart. There is no extra charge.

Size: 5" x 4" with approximately 35 average-sized pieces
Size: 6" x 5" with approximately 50 average-sized pieces
Size: 8" x 7" with approximately 100 average-sized pieces
Size: 10" x 8" with approximately 140 average-sized pieces
Size: 13" x 11" with approximately 250 average-sized pieces
Size: 15" x 12" with approximately 300 average-sized pieces
Size: 18" x 15" with approximately 460 average-sized pieces (special order size)
Size: 20" x 16" with approximately 520 average-sized pieces(special order size)

a custom cut puzzle

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