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Tapestry Heart by Larry Singer

If you like the woven look of tapestry, this is the heart for you. As with all of Larry's hearts, the larger sizes are very challenging. Which color goes next to which? (Not to mention we do some CLC as we cut which is bound to throw you off the track.)

Title: Tapestry Heartt
By: Larry Singer

Add a personalized message to your heart. There is no extra charge.

Size: 5" x 4" with approximately 35 average-sized pieces
Size: 6" x 5" with approximately 50 average-sized pieces
Size: 8" x 7" with approximately 100 average-sized pieces
Size: 10" x 8" with approximately 140 average-sized pieces
Size: 13" x 11" with approximately 250 average-sized pieces
Size: 15" x 12" with approximately 300 average-sized pieces
Size: 18" x 15" with approximately 460 average-sized pieces (special order size)
Size: 20" x 16" with approximately 520 average-sized pieces(special order size)

a custom cut puzzle

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